2018 Liberty Day Parade And The Birth Of A Spider

This Independence Day the Bug Mafia pest control family participated in our second annual Boise Liberty Day 4th of July Parade. For us, this means starting the day with donuts and bedazzling our car in patriotic colors.

Last year was our first year entering the parade and we went fairly minimalist on the decorating. This year, however, we wanted to do something a little different that would stand out. 

We wanted to be a little wild.

Bug Mafia car dressed up for the 2018 Liberty Day Parade

Bug Mafia vehicle dressed up for the 2018 Liberty Day Parade

So with the help of our kids, we came up with what we like to think of as our Bug Mafia mascot. 

Meet Guido Salvador (lovingly named by our kids):

Guido Salvador of Bug Mafia

​Though he is really only comprised of a couple of foam balls and some PVC pipe, he came together with more personality than we would have guessed. Much like Frosty the Snowman when his magic hat was set upon his head, Guido came to life when the first red rhinestone eye was hot glued to his head (which melted a little so we used “warm” glue instead). This 3-foot wide black spider quickly earned his place on the trunk of our car. 

Everything came together beautifully, but as with life, nothing seems to come without a hitch. 

In order to transport Guido, we had to partially disassemble him. This meant carefully detaching several portions of his PVC pipe legs and hoping we didn’t actually pop off any other vital body parts. Many breaths were held and much superglue was used during this process. Spiders are all about their legs, so we wanted to be as gentle as possible. 

Guido the spider holding on for dear life.

There was also some concern that Guido might take flight when we first embarked on our trek through the parade. Between his soft felt bottom and the recent wax job, he had a lot going against him (unfortunately, none of these things were friction). Luckily, his “web” safely secured him to the car and he finished the parade unscathed and still sporting his hat and bow-tie like a true gentleman (gentlespider?). This is great news for up-coming parades and events as Guido will be able to continue his career in the Bug Mafia marketing department.

Not to be outdone by Guido, the hood ornament got a little jazzed up as well. (Our pest control service isn’t the only place we pay attention to detail.)

The hood ornament even got a little flair.

In all seriousness, it’s these moments that make owning a small business fun. Not only do we get to use our business to bring a little joy to others, (who doesn’t like a giant spider dressed as Uncle Sam?), we get to include the whole family. Because when we say we’re family owned and operated, we mean it.

The Bug Mafia flag girls are in position. 

The Fourth of July is perhaps one of the most appropriate days to reflect on this privilege. Owning your own business isn’t always easy or fun, but knowing that we have the freedom to do so is always a sobering yet liberating thought.

To all of the veterans, current military members and those who have patiently waited for them at home: Thank you for making it possible to celebrate our freedom, not only as a small business, but as citizens of this great nation.

For more Guido appearances, like us on Facebook to see where he’ll be next.

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